Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, the first part of the season is over. Mercifully. Let's take a quick look back. You know what, no, let's not. Let's look ahead at our upcoming road trip and how we might fare. It'll be good for the new Leafs to take their first road trip as a team. Bob Segar, gas stations, road beer... it could be a place to pull something together. Of some form. The Leafs are actually getting a harder time from their fans then their enemies at this point (not the first or last time) so I'm thinking this just might be what the doctor ordered.

I've got hopes that it works out a bit like Almost Famous. The part where they sing Tiny Dancer. Not the part where they confess to sleeping with each others girlfriends, homosexuality, and vehicular manslaughter.

No wait, that's an Ottawa Senators road trip. Kelly Ripa!

I've amused myself to the point that I want to stop this blog right here. I will resist and continue.

SATURDAY: Vancouver

The Leafs roll into Vancouver. James Reimer is expected to get the start when Macdonald is sidelined following Kyle Wellwood confusing him with "McDonalds" and taking a bite out of his arm. The Leafs will spend the majority of the first period in the box as the Canucks think of clever ways to accuse them of tampering. Penalty kill will need to be strong.

Luke Schenn is expected to sit out this game and I can't help but root for this decision. Schenner has been pretty brutal all year and it's good to see Wilson actually show that players are accountable and benching the golden boy is a great way to walk the walk.

MONDAY: Anaheim

Jason "Casper" Blake is not expected to play after attempting to get a tan all day and being too sunburned to play. Vesa Toskala has actually been faking a knee injury as he's really suffering from the same burn from the red light burning the back of his neck. Bobby Ryan sees Brian Burke again and is frightened into scoring eleven goals and ending his slump. Similarly, I've got high hopes that coming back to Anaheim triggers Francois Beauchemin's memories of actually a being capable hockey player.

The good news is we'll have a capable goaltender in net for the first time in ages. Gustavsson or JS Giguere. The better news is we've got the possibility of a George Parros/Ian White moustache battle.


I hate Dallas. I hate Ribeiro, I hate Brendan Morrow, I hate Steve Ott. I do like when they sing the american national anthem and the crowd says STAAARS, though. But that's it.

I'm going to be liveblogging this game.

FRIDAY: Buffalo

Funny, if this is a home game, then why is everyone supporting the Leafs?

SATURDAY: Montreal

And everything comes full circle. I've got hopes that maybe this can be the game the Leafs pass the Canadiens in the standings. Maybe that's not realistic. But it's something to think about. What would be better than to see Komisarek, Grabo, and the rest of the Leafs hand it to the Canadiens in front of all their fans?

WINS: Canucks, Stars, Canadiens
LOSSES: Ducls, Sabres


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