Thursday, February 4, 2010

25 Games Left to Play

Current Points: 47
Maximum Points: 97
On Pace for: 67

Gahhh, 67. It haunts us yet again.

The Leafs have 25 games to play. As of Sunday, this REALLY is Brian Burke's team. This season, obviously, is a wash, so we've got to look at sending a message in the last quarter of the season. So how do we evaluate this?

The Leafs remain where they are, and give up one of the top three picks in the draft, handing the Bruins either Hall, Fowler, or Seguin. For the next thousand years we hear TAYLOR HALL every time Kessel doesn't score two goals in a game.

The Leafs pull together a minor run of games and get out of the bottom three and into the 4-5 slot. Still not good, by any means, but while this draft is decent, the franchise players reside from 1-3. Then we'd have to worry about the kindness of the lottery. This requires about 80 points, which means an approximate record of 16-8-1, and a winning percentage of 64%....about 2/3 games. We actually were at one point this season winning two and losing one, so this's something. 

We some miracle to not give the Bruins a lottery pick, and right now it looks like that requires about 84 points. That requires a record of 18-6-1, a winning percentage of 72%, winning 5/7 games. Yikes. 

We make it out of the top ten draft selections. As of right now, that will take 85 points. This is both a testament to how weird this season is and how fucking badly the east sucks. A record of 18-5-2 will do the trick, and this means, essentially, we need to win 3 out of every 4 games we play. 

We make the PLAYOFFS. Tampa Bay is slated to take the 8th and final playoff spot with...believe it or not....85 points. So, returning to this, we need to go 18-5-2, and win 3 out of every 4 games. 

We need to pick up our game in a big, fast way, and start hoping teams start shitting the bed.

1. Buckle up.
2. How ridiculous is the NHL this year?
3. Trade deadline(s) are going to be huge.